Corporate Solutions

From Hospitals to Law Firms and Realtors; large businesses and corporations are seeing the benefits of incorporating Video into their Marketing efforts.

Recent advances in technology have made Video Production and Marketing affordable and practical. Video Marketing is an effective way to attract new customers, clients and patients to business, retain business, increase lead conversion, search engine ranking and reputation or brand recognition.

By simply incorporation great video on websites, blogs and social media sites, your business can benefit from instant credibility.

You can get more value and usage from the videos you have created by using video marketing in conjunction with social media marketing and search engine optimization.

Our Video production and marketing solutions are developed and customized to fit your budget and marketing campaign needs.


Better Bodies offers exceptional fitness and exercise classes in Leadington, MO. Centrally located between Park Hills and Farmington, MO, they are the largest fitness facility in the area and offer a wide range of amenities and fitness classes to keep you in the best shape possible.


Franchise Solutions

Video Market Makers realizes the specific needs that need to be met when marketing your franchise. With multiple locations and different marketing strategies, whether you are looking to increase brand recognition or attract investors, we customize our strategy to fit your unique needs.

A typical franchise usually involves a multitude of locations, with a common theme. We strive to produce franchise business videos and implement marketing strategies that reflect on this common theme to provide the franchise with a uniform appearance.

One great advantage that the franchise has over most other business entities is the ability to dominate the market in regards to keyword searches. It is more challenging to promote a small business for a specific keyword, compared to 10 small franchise businesses for that same keyword. The franchise ‘name’ is 10 times more likely to show up for specific keyword searches, compared to the small business.

The key to remember is the common thread, however! Most business franchises need to present their business following specific rules and adhere to certain guidelines in regards to Video Production and Marketing. That is why, our professionals at Video Market Makers work closely with franchise owners to create professional videos that represent the franchise as a whole.

View the videos below with franchise owners and then then call us for a free consultation to find out how we can take your Marketing Efforts to the next level with Video Marketing!



H&R Block, best known for expert tax preparation services and audit representation, has a lot more to offer individuals as well as small businesses.





Farmington Martial Arts’ training methods are based on 6 Training Principles; BE POLITE – BE PATIENT – BE ALERT – BE BRAVE – DO YOUR BEST – RESPECT YOURSELF AND OTHERS.
This unique approach to Martial Arts, not only, teaches self-defense techniques but also teaches students to have the appropriate mindset needed to be successful at Martial Arts and in life.

Call us to learn more: +1 (312) 612-9518
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